Bill Sebastian

Doer of stuff.


sayer of words, framer of shots, splicer of clips

lover of cats, kicker of balls, runner of miles

drinker of beer, hugger of daughters, spouter of opinions










Bill has been speaking since he was two years old. These days, people say he sounds like his dad.

He hails from Minnesota, via Texas where he graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Cinema.

Bill found his passion for film watching ninja movies as a child. When his parents forbade him from deporting to Japan, he played out his dysfunction on screen at age 19 in his first feature about an un-employed assassin, ‘Irish American Ninja’. Now a rare DVD, Bill makes a hobby of coming up with extravagant prizes for anyone who can locate a copy so he can destroy it.

Since then, he's made several films he's proud of and has even impressed some other people as well. Roger Ebert kindly called QWERTY "Charming, winning and sweet" and his small-town Texas tale of friendship and infidelity, Midlothia, won a short list of awards at independent film festivals.

His most recent endeavor is a lo-fi sci-fi short film called "Planet", which he directed and acted in with his wife, Dana.